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What to do in case of a wrong order? | Mobil Ász Shop

What to do in case of a wrong order? The problem can be solved!
If you bought a product in our online store but missed its type, e.g. you ordered a phone case, but it was of the wrong type, it is of course possible to exchange it for the right type. All you have to do is return the wrongly purchased goods to our store address, after which we will credit them and calculate their value in the price of a truly suitable product.

In the event of an exchange of goods, the costs of the return of the goods to be returned are borne by the buyer in accordance with the law, the re-transportation fee of the repeatedly selected goods will be invoiced.

The process of exchanging goods:
1. download and fill out the declaration of withdrawal from the link below: arucsere_nyilatkozat.pdf

2. Return the completed document and the product you wish to return by mail to our address on the invoice: Mobil Ász Shop - Három Ász Média Kft. 2330 Dunaharaszti, Fő út 158. IMPORTANT! Never send a return with cash on delivery, because we are unable to accept it!

3. After the return goods have arrived, we will contact you regarding your request.
In any case, you have the right to be informed via our contact details, we recommend that you write to us if you have any questions: Contact.
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