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Mobile, landline phone, tablet, smart watch, gps | Mobil Ász Shop

Dear Visitor! Our website is being translated continuously. After the complete translation, we open the possibility of international orders. Thank you for your patience.

Phone, tablet, smart watch, GPS devices

Mobile phone, smartphone

Mobile phones, smartphone devices.

Tablet PC devices

Internet Tablet PC device.

GPS device

GPS navigation device.

Smart watch, activity meter

Smart watch, activity meter smart bracelet.

Corded telephones

Corded home and office phones.

In the Mobile Ász Shop, you will find the most modern network-independent smartphone devices as well as traditional push-button mobile phones and the most superb tablet machines. All our devices come with an official Hungarian warranty. In addition to mobile and GPS navigation devices, traditional landline telephones are also available in many types, even with wireless DECT function and answering machine.

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