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Computer products, peripherals | Mobil Ász Shop

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Computer technology

Computer accessories, parts

Peripherals mouses, keyboards IT products.

Keyboard, bluetooth keyboard

Keyboard wireless keyboard.

PC mouse, wireless mouse

Mouse , wireless, wireless and USB mice for mobile phones and tablets.

PC headset, also with microphone

PC headset , earphones, headphones, also with microphone.

HDMI cable, adapter, converter

HDMI cable , adapter, converter.

Laptop, notebook charger

Laptop charger , notebook charger, wall charger.

Hard disk, SSD, cable, adapter

Hard disk , SSD, HDD, cable, adapter, case.

Pen drive, USB drive, USB stick

Pen drive , USB drive, USB stick can also be used for mobile phones and tablets.

Router, network accessories, WIFI, UTP

Router , network cable, UTP, Wifi.

SATA cable, converter, adapter

SATA cable , converter, SATA adapter, HDD, SSD case.

VGA, HDMI cable, converter

VGA, HDMI cable , converter, monitor adapter, converter.


Webcam , internet camera can also be used for computers and laptops.

In the Mobil Ász Shop, you can find not only mobile phone accessories, but also computing devices, peripherals, cables and accessories used in everyday life, whether it is a desktop computer or even a laptop or notebook accessory.

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