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33999 Ft

UNIVERZÁLIS kameralencse / teleszkóp 16-35X optikai zoommal - tripod állvánnyal, teleszkóp, 240-400 mm a fókusz/élesség beállítás, fokozatmentes zoom, nagy látószög, többrétegű bevonatú üveglencse, BAK4 üvegprizma - FEKETE

Manufacturer: ACCMOBILE

Sku: 195236


It arrives 2024-05-10
This product is currently not available in stock, but we are waiting for it to be in stock 2024-05-10 by date. You can place a pre-order for the product, which we will fulfill after receiving it in our inventory. Such products can be ordered by prepayment (transfer, bank card, PayPal).

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