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- Akku NOKIA BLC-2 kompatibilis 900 mAh LI-ION | Mobil Ász Shop

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 Akku NOKIA BLC-2 kompatibilis 900 mAh LI-ION
 Akku NOKIA BLC-2 kompatibilis 900 mAh LI-ION
Akku NOKIA BLC-2 kompatibilis 900 mAh LI-ION

Ár: 4299 Ft

Áfa kulcs: 27% Áfa tartalom: 914 Ft

Devizában (Payment in Euro or USD):
EURO: 11.14 €
USD: 11.84 $
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Sku: 843

Manufacturers Part No: ACC-843

Manufacturer: ACCMOBILE

Warranty: 6 months



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This product raktárunkban available in stock.


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    In stock
    This product raktárunkban available in stock.
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